Andrew Tuddenham represents The Arnewood School... - Andrew Tuddenham July 14, 2011

Andrew Tuddenham represents The Arnewood School to the Town Council

As Work Experience had started for everyone at the The Arnewood School Academy on the 4th July 2011 we all took different paths, well some few people did go to the same place as there friends but hey-ho. On the other hand the rest of the year 10′s went on different jobs by themselves like me. I went to the Town Council for 2 weeks but I didn’t just get stuck in the office for the whole 2 weeks no I stayed in there for 1 week .

On the first week I was with the Town Council I was with the Groundstaff and I shadowed Laurence Jenkins. Also on the second week of my Work Experience I came into the Town Hall and worked in an office and I was shadowing Elaine Reed who is the Administrator. I was sat a desk on a computer doing databases and Important letter but above all that I met the Mayoral year of New Milton (Cllr Valya Schooling) and I got the privilege of designing an invitation for her biggest event of her Mayor life and that’s the Mayor’s Civic Ball which she was very happy for me to do. I have met some amazing people who care about their work and I have got to know them too. If I ever did Work Experience again then I would choose this place again as I have gotten used to this job after only 2 weeks and liked it.

Cllr Mrs Janette Duke’s mayoral journal... July 1, 2011

Cllr Mrs Janette Duke’s mayoral journal available for download

Cllr Mrs Janette Duke’s mayoral journal for the 2010-11 period is now available to view and download online. The journal follows Mrs Janette Duke through all the community attendance and some of the achievements during her term in office.

A PDF download of the Mayors Journal can be found below. Printed copies of the Mayors Journal are also available from £2.00 printed. Please make your request using the link below if you would like to order a paper copy.

Download the journal (PDF)