Freshfields Festival - Neil Tungate August 21, 2012

Freshfields Festival

Organised by the very dedicated team from Common Ground (New Forest) Trust, this was a wonderful day at Fawcetts Field, filled with modern music of all types from a rock choir to 70s disco funk! And, of course, our very own Rumer headlining during the afternoon. This was, quite simply, New Milton at its very best!

Estimates vary, but I would say there must have been at least 2,500 people on the site – and there was absolutely no trouble. We took in some of the acts in the dedicated Acoustic Tent, sponsored by the new Park Culture magazine publishers. Do watch out for a copy, it’s going to be a valuable guide to arts in the New Forest area.

The New Milton based Crescendi Choir performed an excellent set, including the premiere of Common Ground, specially written by Rachael Muller as a fund-raiser for the charity. My official task for the day was to introduce Rumer to the stage. She held the crowd spellbound for a little over an hour, culminating in an emotional performance of Goodbye Girl together with Crescendi.

A number of other acts appeared during the evening finishing with Groovemeister, who had hundreds dancing in front of the stage until the finish at 10pm.