Security mark valuables and keep your home safe January 15, 2015

Security mark valuables and keep your home safe

Don’t leave it too late – make sure your valuables are security marked to deter burglars.

The Safer New Forest Partnership urges residents to protect items such as laptops, mobile phones, TVs and bikes, to make them less attractive to thieves in the event of a burglary.

Marking your property with your postcode and house number makes it difficult to sell on as it becomes “too hot to handle” by potential purchasers. It also greatly increases the chance of you getting it back as the police can return recovered marked items to the rightful owner.

There are many methods of security marking valuables to protect them against theft, including:

  • Ultra violet (UV) or invisible marking with pens which put an invisible mark on your property that can only be seen under UV light.
  • Engraving or etching using an electric engraving tool.
  • Forensic marking solutions, such as Smartwater and Selectadna, which contain a unique forensic code, making it easy to identify marked items.
  • Householders are also advised to take a note of any serial numbers on an item and photograph any items that are too small or difficult to mark – such as jewellery.

You can create a free and secure portfolio of all your personal property at Register your property details and this will enable the police to identify the owner of lost and stolen goods.

New Forest Police Chief Inspector Simon Tribe also advises protecting your home from burglars by carrying out a few simple measures:

  • Check windows and doors are locked and use window limiters if windows are to be left open at night.
  • Keep the hedges and fences low at the front of your property to allow passing traffic and pedestrians a view of any suspicious activity.
  • Fit motion sensor lights in suitable areas around the house and five-lever mortice locks on exterior doors.
  • Invest in a burglar alarm or home CCTV system.
  • Use automatic timers to switch on lights and radios inside your home if it is left empty in the evening or while you are on holiday.

Cllr Jill Cleary, New Forest District Council portfolio holder for housing and communities said: Home security devices are a great deterrent – when thieves see the extra security precautions, they may move on rather than risk breaking into your home.”

For information about the work of the Safer New Forest Partnership visit:

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