New Milton has been confirmed as a Neighbourhood... - Claire February 28, 2015

New Milton has been confirmed as a Neighbourhood Area

Now that the public consultation period has ended both New Forest District Council and the New Forest National Park Authority have confirmed the parish of New Milton as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’. This means that New Milton Town Council is now able to begin working towards a Neighbourhood Plan. A Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of plan introduced by the Localism Act (2011). It allows local communities to prepare their own plan with general planning policies for the development and use of land.

Once the elections are over, towards the middle of May, New Milton Town Council will begin talking to local people about how they can get involved in shaping future land use and development for the Town and wider parish.

For more information about Neighbourhood Planning follow the link below:

War Memorial Concept Design February 20, 2015

War Memorial Concept Design

New Milton Town Council in partnership with New Forest District Council are pleased to unveil plans for improvement of the War Memorial at the Recreation Ground.

This design aims to mirror the shape and style of the War Memorial with simple paving details to provide an interesting and flexible memorial space that can be used all year round and reconnects the memorial to the Recreation Ground that bears its name and adds splashes of colour with formal annual beds, which mirror the knot pattern on the Memorial.

Below you can find the concept design. We are looking for residents feedback on the proposals and invite everyone to share their feedback using our online comments form. You can leave your comments by pressing the comments button below.

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Mayor’s Charity Ball February 10, 2015