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Recycle Right

Recycle Right refuse lorry

Five New Forest District Council vehicles are driving a campaign by the council to push up recycling rates in the New Forest. Nationally 40% of household rubbish is now recycled but in the New Forest the rate is just 28%. The council has branded the five refuse and recycling trucks with their ‘Recycle Right’ message to encourage residents to recycle more of the right things.

“One reason why the recycling rate in the forest is not increasing is because recycling messages can be confusing and people aren’t always clear on what can and can’t go into the clear sack for collection” said Councillor Sophie Beeton, portfolio holder for the environment. “We hope that Recycle Right is a fun, memorable campaign that will help people understand what can and can’t be recycled.”

In addition to the fleet of Recycle Right refuse trucks, the council has been distributing information leaflets to residents in Ringwood and Marchwood, where recycling rates are particularly low.

Around 10% of what people are putting in black sacks collected by the council could be recycled, including items like aerosol cans and plastic bottles. “We need to recycle more of our rubbish” said Councillor Beeton, “By putting items in the right bag we will reduce ‘contamination’ of the clear sacks. When non-recyclable items such as yoghurt pots and other plastic food containers, are put in recycling sacks, the whole clear sack is sent to the energy recovery facility and not for recycling.”

The council’s recycling expert, Mandy Pickard, will also be out and about giving talks to community groups, schools and events. If you would like to arrange a talk about recycling please contact, environment promotions assistant.