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Electoral Register – Annual Household Enquiry Form

On or around 29 August 2015 you will receive your electoral registration annual household enquiry form (HEF). This is not a registration form it is a form that enables us to check that all those entitled to be registered appear on the Electoral Register. New residents will then be invited to register. It is easy to complete the HEF. Your form will have a security code which is unique to your property. Have these to hand and if there are no changes you can:



0800 197 9871


Just text NOCHANGE with your security code to 80212.


Using the freepost envelope enclosed with your form.
For further information call our helpline:
023 8028 5445 or e-mail

2015 Election Results May 8, 2015

2015 Election Results

The results of the 2015 elections for New Forest District Council and New Milton Town Council are now available online.

Town Council

New Milton Town Council, Barton Ward (4 seats)

Name of Candidate

Description (if any)

Number of Votes*

BECK, Godfrey Charles Conservative Party Candidate 1948 ELECTED
BLUNDEN, Geoffrey Robert Conservative Party Candidate 1704 ELECTED
CRAZE, Keith Edward Conservative Party Candidate 1644 ELECTED
O`SULLIVAN, Alan Dennis Conservative Party Candidate 1829 ELECTED
TERRY, Peter Simon Labour Party 595
VASILESCO, Ann UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1029


New Milton Town Council, Bashley Ward (2 seats)

Name of Candidate

Description (if any)

Number of Votes*

CLARKE, Stephen John Conservative Party Candidate 1009 ELECTED
PHILLIPS, Martin Labour Party 295
TUNGATE, Donald Neil Conservative Party Candidate 1052 ELECTED


New Milton Town Council, Becton Ward (4 seats)

This ward was uncontested.

Name of Candidate Description (if any)
DAVIES Wyn Liberal Democrats
HAWKINS David Conservative Party Candidate
MURROW Bob Conservative Party Candidate

New Milton Town Council, Fernhill Ward (4 seats)

Name of Candidate

Description (if any)

Number of Votes*

DAGNALL, Roger Barrie Liberal Democrats 780 ELECTED
MERIFIELD, Thomas Hunter 527
RICE-MUNDY, David Alan Conservative Party Candidate 1610 ELECTED
SHORT, Stephen Paul Labour Party 678 ELECTED
WARD, John George The Conservative Party Candidate 1573 ELECTED


New Milton Town Council, Milton Ward (4 seats)

Name of Candidate

Description (if any)

Number of Votes*

BAKER, Judith Mary Liberal Democrats 863
DAVIES, Stephen Paul Conservative Party Candidate 1720 ELECTED
HEXTER, Caroline Ruth Labour Party 871
REID, Richard Alvin Conservative Party Candidate 1434 ELECTED
RICE, Alan William Conservative Party Candidate 1477 ELECTED
SCHOOLING, Valya Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 1327 ELECTED

District Council

Parliamentary New Forest East Constituency
adobe icon New Forest East Constituency – Declaration of Result of Poll [15kb]

Parliamentary New Forest West Constituency
adobe icon New Forest West Constituency – Declaration of Result of Poll [15kb]