Skate Jam – Official skatepark opening jam May 30, 2015

New skate park launches on the Rec April 9, 2015

New skate park launches on the Rec

Following an extensive project to offer brand new skate park facilities at the Rec, New Milton Town Council is pleased to announce the facilities are now open and ready for use. Designed by Maverick Industries, the replacement skate park formed one part of the Vision Plan for the Rec.

Local resident Michael Angus has taken some excellent photographs of the new skate park as can be seen below. There is also a YouTube video available.



Skate Park design consultation June 21, 2014

Skate Park design consultation

Background to the project

In 2011 & 2012, public consultations were held on the future vision for the War Memorial Recreation Ground. We asked you to tell us what you would like to see happen on the Recreation Ground. Your top priority was a new Pavilion, which has now been delivered. Your next highest priority was to replace the existing skate park.

The ideas put forward were all brought together in the New Milton Recreation Ground ‘Vision Plan’ which was approved by the Town Council in November 2011. A ‘Vision Plan’ is a vision of what could be achieved and will inevitably evolve over time and will need to respond to availability of funding for each part of the vision.

In July 2013 we held consultation events on ideas for the replacement skate park and concerns were raised regarding the amount of space that the proposed skate park could take up on the ‘Rec’. To address these concerns the ‘Vision Plan’ was amended and the proposed area for the skate park and refurbished play area was reduced by 168m2 (and by 30m in depth at its widest point).  Click here to see the 2013 Revised Vision Plan.

Design competition & Funding

Please click here for a summary of the design competition process and details on funding.


Download the Skate Park Concept Designs (PDF)

There are some small differences between the two designs – one includes a spine in the back section of the park, which was added at the request of the user group. This means that this option has a slightly bigger footprint than the other option. The art feature is also orientated differently in each design. Please let us know if you have a preference for either option. We are also seeking feedback on the proposal to include planting, which has been designed to amalgamate the skate park into the Recreation Ground.

Provisional timetable

Please click here for a provisional timetable for the project.