Responsibilities and Membership

Full Town Council

Mission Statement

New Milton Town Council will work to provide a high-quality environment to meet the needs of residents and visitors and defend the best interests of the Town.

 Localism Act - Code of Conduct (Standards) Localism Act - Code of Conduct (Standards)Localism Act – Code of Conduct (Standards)







Aims and Objectives

  • To enable residents of New Milton to enjoy high-quality social, recreational and cultural facilities within the Town and seek the continuing improvement and development of these facilities.
  • To encourage and promote the economic and commercial vitality of New Milton.
  • To preserve the unique identity of New Milton and promote its heritage.
  • To encourage harmony between commercial, ecological and residential requirements.
  • To consult with and take due regard of all comments from individuals and other organisations to provide a high standard of service to meet local needs.
  • To help create a socially inclusive and caring community that embraces all residents.

Chairman:   Cllr D Rice-Mundy (Town Mayor)

 Cllr G C Beck Cllr G R Blunden Cllr S J Clarke
Cllr K E Craze Cllr R B Dagnall Cllr S P Davies
Cllr W B Davies Cllr D E Hawkins Cllr C Hexter
 Cllr R Murrow Cllr R A Reid Cllr A W Rice TD
Cllr D A Rice-Mundy Cllr S P Short Cllr A D O’Sullivan
Cllr Mrs V E Schooling Cllr D N Tungate Cllr J G Ward

Finance & General Purposes Committee

This Committee shall:

  • Be responsible for allocating and controlling the financial, manpower and land resources of the Council.This shall include arrangements for the acquisition, allocation, disposal, inventory and insurance of any land, buildings and/or substantial property and the internal audit of accounts.
  • Ensure that the organisational and administrative processes of the Council are designed to make effective contribution to the achievements of the Council’s objectives.The Committee will keep these processes under review in the light of changing circumstances making recommendations as necessary for changes in either Committee structures, or the administrative, financial and executive arrangements of the Council.
  • Make arrangements for the establishment, engagement and dismissal of staff and for their cost effective employment and service.
  • Make arrangements to deal expeditiously with all matters of a routine nature which are not the responsibility of other Committees, so that matters are either determined or, where appropriate, made the subject of recommendation to the Council to enable them to be determined.
  • Be responsible for determining/making recommendations to Council, in respect of Capital or Revenue applications for Grant Aid. Where appropriate the recommendations of the Amenities or Planning Committees shall be sought prior to consideration by this Committee. Where applications are approved/recommended for approval, the following criteria will apply:-
    1. The Committee may approve Capital and Revenue Grants up to and including £1,000.
    2. Where it is proposed to award a grant in excess of the sums at (1.) above the Committee shall submit an appropriate recommendation to the Council for consideration.
  • Whenever possible meet on a Monday evening two weeks prior to a Council meeting.

Chairman:   Cllr S Davies                  Vice-Chairman:  Cllr D N Tungate

Cllr A D O’Sullivan Cllr D N Tungate Cllr S Clarke
Cllr J G Ward Cllr S Davies Cllr K E Craze
Cllr G R Blunden Cllr R A Reid Cllr S Short

Amenities Committee

This Committee shall:

  • Promote leisure activities and facilities which shall include maintenance of public recreation grounds, parks, sports fields, open spaces, allotment sites, flower/shrub beds and similar areas which are the responsibility of the Council.
  • As appropriate, monitor, liaise, advise and where necessary arrange activities or functions connected with powers relating to entertainment, the arts, welfare services, public library, and tourism. This shall include recommendations for financial assistance.
  • Monitor the provision and maintenance of all outdoor recreational sports and similar amenity services in the town area and make recommendations on these aspects as appropriate, to the Council or other responsible authority.
  • Be responsible for the provision and/or maintenance of public seats, litter bins and footpaths which are the recognised responsibility of the Council.
  • Arrange and publish its own programme of meetings.
  • Whenever possible meet on a Monday evening two weeks prior to the meeting of the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Chairman:   Cllr G Blunden              Vice-Chairman:  Cllr D E Hawkins

Cllr G Blunden Cllr D E Hawkins Cllr R Murrow
Cllr W B Davies Cllr D Rice-Mundy Cllr A W Rice TD
Cllr G Beck Cllr A O’Sullivan Cllr Mrs V Schooling

Planning Committee

This Committee shall:

  • Advise the Council on all actions required to be taken concerning the planning, highway and associated authorities and utility boards on matters relating to local planning applications, local and district highways, road safety, coastal protection, utility services and similar matters affecting the town area.
  • Have a standing responsibility to examine all planning applications and appeals affecting the town area and shall, WITHOUT reference to the Council, make known its comments thereon to the local planning authority within the statutory time limits imposed.
  • Appoint, if appropriate, a Member or Members and/or other suitable person(s) to represent the inhabitants of parts or the whole of the town area of the Council at any public or other inquiry by a Ministry or public body under any act relating to development control or any other aspect of the Committee’s responsibilities.
  • Be empowered to liaise with any body, organisation or department of any local authority or utility board on any matter within the Committee’s areas of responsibility.
  • Monitor the application and effectiveness of Tree Preservation Orders in the Town Council area and make appropriate recommendations in this connection to the responsible authority.
  • The Committee shall usually meet on alternate Thursday evenings.

Chairman: Cllr S J Clarke                Vice-Chairman:  Cllr R A Reid

Cllr K E Craze Cllr G C Beck Cllr S Clarke
Cllr R Murrow Cllr D Hawkins Cllr R Dagnall
Cllr C Hexter Cllr S Short Cllr R A Reid