Meeting Dates


The calendar of meetings for May 2017 – May 2018.

Calendar of Meetings 2017-18 dated 29 june_001


You can download the calendar here –


Calendar of Meetings 2017-18 dated 29 june


All meetings are held at 6.30pm in the Town Hall, 2 Ashley Road, New Milton, BH25 6AS


Members of the Public are welcome to attend any meeting and may speak as follows:

 a)    If time permits, Town Council meetings will be adjourned at the end for a ‘DEMOCRATIC HALF HOUR’ during which members of the Public, with the approval of the Chairman, may initiate discussion on matters of community interest and which fall within the responsibility of the Town Council.

b)    Prior to the commencement of other meetings, and at the discretion of the Chairman, a short period of Public Participation may take place. Members of the public may speak on any item(s) appearing on the public agenda, or on any other matter that falls within the Committee’s terms of reference.


Note: The Annual Town’s Meeting is a public meeting required by statute to be held in the period between 1 March and 1 June (inclusive) each year at which any elector for the town area then present may speak at any time at the discretion of the Chairman, on matters arising or on matters of direct concern in the said area. It is not a Town Council meeting.