When and where do we meet?

In addition to the Town Council itself, which meets on average every 6 weeks to discuss and agree town matters there are 3 Committees, the Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Amenities Committee, which meet every 6 weeks and the Planning Committee, which meets every 2 weeks.  Each Committee consists of 9 members and the general rule is that Councillors sit on at least 2 committees.

At the Annual Meeting of the Town Council, which must take place in May of each year, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council are elected by the other Councillors and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of each Committee are elected by the members of each Committee.

The schedule of meeting dates is arranged so that the F&GP Committee, Amenities Committee and the full Town Council usually meet on a 2 week cycle i.e. one or other meets on every second Monday in the following order – Amenities then F&GP and then the full Council.

The Planning Committee meets every second Thursday to deal with planning applications and other planning and highway matters.

This means that the Council’s business is carried out in an orderly fashion and the business of the F&GP, Amenities and Planning Committees carried out since the previous full Town Council meeting can be received and adopted (or questioned and modified) by the full Town Council.

An Executive Committee, consisting of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council and the Chairman of each of the Committees, meets to discuss and agree the annual budgets and also on an as required basis to deal with exceptional items.

The Council’s public meetings are held in the Town Hall, 2 Ashley Road.  These meetings starts at 7.30 pm and members of the public are given an opportunity to raise matters at each meeting during a democratic half hour. (Except for the Planning Committee when members of the public may speak for or against planning applications prior to the start of the meeting).

Council Meetings

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