Booking an event on the Recreation Ground, Whitefield Road

Performance Pavilion

We have just completed our first document review (March 2016), having consulted with the current users of the site for events. The reviewed suite of documents is shown below and includes a hand drawn plan (to scale) which can be used/copied as required.

We hope this and some other minor changes will help organisers’ when using the documents. 

This is a link to the issues raised during the consultation, and subsequent responses.

2016 review

On 31st October 2013 the Town Council were granted a Premises Licence on this site which gives the ability to sell alcohol, perform outdoor plays and many other actions on pre-booked event days. We hope this will encourage events to use this central community space.

The documents are those that were required to obtain the licence, showing how events will be managed, ensuring that the licence is adhered to by event organisers.

Prior to completing the application you should email your request to; your request will be considered by our Amenities Committee at the next scheduled meeting.

Once you’ve got our agreement, please complete the application form which must be received at the Town Council offices no later than six weeks prior to the event date. The timescale has been set by our requirement to advise the local police of expected event attendance and advise the adjacent residents. As trustee of the land and licence holder, we will have a representative spot check each event to ensure safe and responsible management, which we are sure will be achieved.

Please note that keys will only become available for the event if all documentation has been received in good time. We will supply your organisation with the relevant log books, Challenge 25 signage and Hotline mobile phone when the keys are issued.

For any queries please contact Theresa on 01425 619120 or who will be happy to help.