Archived newsletters


These pages provide an archive of our newsletters between 2008 and 2011. From 2012 we launched an online blog which can be found on our homepage for the display of Town News.

To open the newsletter click the link below. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open it though. If you don’t have this software you can get it from the “get reader” button below. Otherwise, you’re all set to open the newsletter!


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Winter Newsletter 2010 / 2011
   Winter Newsletter 2010 / 2011  View Document
Summer Newsletter 2010
   Summer Newsletter 2010  View Document
Winter Newsletter 2009/10
   Winter Newsletter 2009/10  View Document
Summer Newsletter 2009
   Summer Newsletter 2009  View Document
Spring Newsletter 2009
   Spring Newsletter 2009   View Document
Autumn / Winter Newsletter 2008
   Autumn / Winter Newsletter 2008  View Document
Summer Newsletter 2008
   Summer Newsletter 2008  View Document
Spring Newsletter 2008
   Spring Newsletter 2008  View Document
New Milton Newsletter 1
   New Milton Newsletter 1  View Document