Other Councils

Here you can find a list of various other councils that may be of interest.

Dorset County Council www.dorsetforyou.com
Bournemouth Borough www.bournemouth.gov.uk
Borough of Poole www.poole.gov.uk
Portsmouth City www.portsmouth.gov.uk
Salisbury City Council www.salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk/
Southampton City www.southampton.gov.uk
Wiltshire County Council www.wiltshire.gov.uk
Winchester City www.winchester.gov.uk
Dorset Town Councils www.dorset-aptc.gov.uk/
Test Valley District Council www.testvalley.gov.uk/
Isle of Wight Council www.iow.gov.uk/council/
National Association of Local Councils www.nalc.gov.uk/
Hampshire Town Councils www.hampshire-alc.gov.uk/
Local Government Association www.lga.gov.uk
Communities & Local Government www.communities.gov.uk