Review of Road Closures in New Milton

At its on-line Zoom meeting 24 July 2020, New Milton Town Council decided to remove the road closure at Station Road/ Osborne Road without adversely affecting social distancing from a pedestrian point of view.


But the consensus view was that the Station Road / Old Milton Road closure should remain in place for social distancing purposes.


Councillors heard about the on-going and continuing threat of Covid-19 Coronavirus. That is why social distancing rules remain in place at Station Road / Old Milton Road.


By majority vote, it was agreed social distancing could not be maintained at the corners of Nobels / Kimbers or at the crossing either side without the road closure in place. Whereas you can safely distance yourself around the rest of Station Road / adjoining roads, including Osborne Road where the road closure will be removed 25/26 July 2020.


The 2m social distancing rule is still applicable and 1m + with mitigation cannot be safely achieved in this area.


The Government and highway authorities continue to advise and promote traffic and pedestrian measures to aid social distancing in Towns and Villages where possible.


Members heard the current R rate for the south east remains at 0.8 – 1.0 which is still relatively high. The compulsory wearing of face coverings in shops from this Friday may help to reduce social distancing risk in shops, but not on the streets.


Local councils are legally bound to make the environment safe, so they are doing what they think is right in the circumstances. That is why we work closely with HCC & NFDC.


The road closure at Station Road / Osborne Road was introduced primarily to alleviate the additional overflow traffic using Whitefield Road resulting from the Station Road / Old Milton Road closure, with the additional benefit of creating extra pedestrian space outside Lloyds Bank and a traffic free crossing of Osborne Road.


As with any Road Closure, it must be expected and accepted that some congestion and inconvenience to road users will occur.


Town Council agreed to review matters again at its next meeting on 10 August 2020. Please email for any comments you wish to put forward at the next meeting.

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