Press Release – New Milton Remembers 80th Anniversary

Press Release – New Milton Remembers 80th Anniversary

This Sunday 23 August 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of New Milton’s worst bombing event when, tragically, 25 townsfolk and visitors were killed during a German bombing raid that devastated the centre of town, creating sadness and chaos on that bright sunny summer’s day in 1940.


There were subsequent bombing raids on the town on 8 August 1942 and 22 January 1943, when, again tragically, another 6 people died, with Brian Eric Holloway being the youngest killed, aged just 6 years old.


A total of 31 citizens were killed during the 3 bombing raids on New Milton during World War 2. Every one of those 31 killed left behind loved ones, family, and friends. Every one of those 31 had a personal story. Every one of those 31 left a hole in the community. Every one of those 31 lives mattered to the New Milton community, with the New Milton Memorial Clock on Station Road being our place of Remembrance for those cherished lives lost.


A plaque at ground level reads ……….
“Funded by the people of New Milton in memory of those killed when enemy bombs
fell on the town during World War II”


To ensure the memory lives on, each year, on 23 August, we take a few moments of our day, to assemble as a community, to read out their names, to quietly reflect on those lives lost. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and social gathering restrictions this year, there will not be an official community gathering at the clock. But we will remember them. We will honour and pay our respects to those citizens by sharing their names on our website and social media. The local newspaper, New Milton Advertiser will cover a news-story to mark the 80th anniversary as well as an article from our local historian, Nick Saunders.


For further information about the Memorial Clock and the New Milton air raids view this BBC article  as well as the Heritage Society 




18 August 2020


The Memorial Clock in Station Road
dedicated to those named below who lost their lives
when enemy bombs fell on our town during World War II

23 August 1940
Irene Doris Avery (Age 31)
Joan Mabel Bourne (Age 20)
Archibald Ernest Bursey (Age 15)
Albert Ernest Claydon (Age 60)
Erna Dorothea Elizabeth Cooper (Age 24)
Maurice Carlyon Cooper (Age 30)
Evelyn Davies (Age 26)
Ivy Adina Eagle (Age 45)
Eliza Sophia Govier (Age 50)
Barbara Ena Green (Age 17)
Helena Hawkins (Age 42)
Mildred Strangways Irwin (Age 55)
Louis Frederic Stuart Matthews (Age 29)
Dorothy Gladys Pickering (Age 43)
William George Pitman (Age 50)
Alfred Aaron Charles Probert (Age 30)
Hilda Dorothy May Probert (Age 25)
Jeanette Margaret Probert (Age 4)
Samuel Tosdivine (Age 75)
Bertie Edwin Witt (Age 57)
Corporal Thomas Davies, 2nd Battalion The Lancashire Fusiliers
Fusilier Leonard Dean, 2nd Battalion The Lancashire Fusiliers
Fusilier Arthur France, 2nd Battalion The Lancashire Fusiliers
Captain George MacDonald Rowan, Royal Artilliery
Gunner Thomas Hill, 77 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery
8 August 1942
Gladys Mabel Richardson (Age 52)
22 January 1943
Brian Eric Holloway (Age 6)
Evelyn Edith Morin (Age 38)
Gabrielle Evelyn Morin (Age 11)
Norma Mary Morin (Age 9)
Pauline Edith Morin (Age 8)

We Will Remember Them

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