Plant a Tree Initiative

Plant a Tree Initiative




New Milton Town Council is marking National Tree Week with the launch of its Plant a Tree Initiative and sees the planting of two trees in the town’s green spaces as part of the national celebration of trees.  Another 40 trees will be planted during the coming weeks.


New Milton is already known for its tree-lined high street, the Weeping Willows along the stream at Caird Avenue, the enduring tree-lined Barton Court Road and Barton Court Avenue towards the cliff-top, the magnificent Oak trees on the Recreation Ground, as well as pockets of woodland and SINCs around the town that are environmentally protected.


Cllr Geoff Blunden, Chairman of the Amenities Committee, assisted two pupils from Ashley Infants School with the planting of an Elm tree at Ashley Recreation Ground.  This particular species of Elm is disease resistant; a tough tree that is a fast grower and quick to establish itself, being drought resistant and tolerant to periodical water-logged ground conditions which are sometimes experienced at Ashley Recreation Ground.


Cllr Blunden said   “I am delighted to help Evalyn and Aston from Ashley Infants School plant this rather large and impressive Elm tree which marks the launch of New Milton Town Council PLANT A TREE  INITIATIVE particularly as it is also National Tree Week.

This project gives the opportunity for residents, visitors and all to plant a tree on our open spaces for themselves or dedicated to others. We recognise that many residents do not have large gardens, or they live in rented accommodation or flats and are unable to plant trees on their own land.

I’m so pleased the scheme has been greeted with so much enthusiasm with over 40 trees to be planted during the next few weeks, we are aiming for 100 new trees this winter!  The trees are a variety of species and in addition many tree whips will also be planted.   A big thank you to all concerned.”


The Mayor will be planting a Hawthorn Paul’s Scarlet at Ballard Lake in honour of the New Milton Twinning Association and to acknowledge our special relationship with our twinned town of Canteleu in France, representatives from both organisations will attend this prestigious event.


The Plant a Tree Initiative is part of the Town Council’s Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Action Plan.   Both policies are fundamental to the Town’s green credentials, as it seeks to reduce the adverse effects of climate change on the environment and improve carbon sequestration.  Clearly demonstrating a commitment to keeping our town green, enhancing our already special environment, and in turn ensuring our long-term well-being.


Trees are living, breathing monuments and as a precious natural asset are crucial in our fight against climate change.  The Town Council invite local residents and visitors to contribute to this initiative and plant a tree in New Milton.  Ten areas of green space and various native species of trees have been identified, providing overall wildlife benefit and improving biodiversity.   


Already the initiative has generated much interest from residents with popular choices of tree including Common Hornbeam, English Oak, Wild Cherry and Hawthorn.


The tree stock has been grown locally by Hilliers of Romsey and they come with passports which ensure that biosecurity measures have been met.


If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden;

if you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.   English Proverb

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.

Chinese Proverb

For further information contact:

Graham Flexman, Town Clerk, New Milton Town Council


Dated:  4 December 2020

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