Council Meetings

Updated 9 September 2021



In accordance with the latest government COVID-19 guidance, committee meetings have now recommenced at the New Milton Town Hall starting with Amenities Committee.


Though COVID restrictions have been lifted the virus remains a threat and the Town Council has a duty of care to ensure that all attending our meetings are kept as safe as possible. It is also important that those attending feel comfortable in the surroundings, therefore we please ask that the guidance below is followed.


The Risk Assessment and guidance will be reviewed regularly and amended as required or if government guidance changes.


A COVID-19 Risk Assessment has been prepared but the main points of guidance applicable for Amenities, F&GP and Planning (Full town council will be assessed after the Amenities Committee meeting) are as follows:


  • Maximum number of persons at the meeting – 20
  • 9 committee members
  • 2 non- committee members (notifiable in advance of the meeting)
  • 3 Officers including Town Clerk
  • 6 members of the public including press – Members of public would need to express an interest in advance of their intention to attend.
  • The above can be adjusted provided the maximum numbers are not exceeded.
  • Set up will be as for a full town council meeting to allow for maximum spacings between attendees. Members of the public will be spaced out at the far end of the room.
  • There will be an allowance for a few chairs around the wall space if adequate space on the tables cannot be achieved.
  • All furniture used by NFDC will be moved to the far end of the room by the fire panel prior to set up to allow for maximum free movement.
  • Access/egress for members and members of the public will be via the main entrance only, a sanitiser point will be in place. The rear entrance off the car park is not in use for meetings other than for officers involved in the meeting
  • Face coverings should be worn on entering/leaving and whilst moving around the building.
  • Attendees will sign in on entry, a QR code reader will be in place for those who wish to scan on entry.
  • Sanitiser bottles and wipes will be laid out on the tables.
  • The disabled toilet in the foyer will be in use, access to the other toilets will not be permitted.
  • Microphones will be in use, please sanitise hands after each use.
  • The fire escape door adjacent to meeting room 2 will be left open to assist ventilation, dependent on traffic noise the main doors will also be left open.
  • Members and officers’ nameplates will be laid out so there is no need to touch any other person’s nameplate when collecting.
  • Paperwork will be laid out in a manner to minimise close contact.
  • All surfaces will be sanitised after set-up/before the meeting and likewise when the meeting area is broken down.
  • All attendees should be aware of hands/face/space/fresh air, signage to this effect will be on display.
  • The water cooler will be in use, please sanitise hands after each use.
  • Meetings should last no longer than one hour wherever possible.
  • Attendees other than those closing the building should leave the meeting area immediately on completion of the meeting and should not linger in the foyer.
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