New Milton Youth Services Team PRESS RELEASE

This year, despite its challenges, the Youth Team in New Milton have provided important services for the youth of New Milton in a variety of ways, with the team involved in several of the Council’s projects for young people and their families.


The Youth Services team now consists of Silma Ramsaywack, Youth Services Manager, Emma Towler, Youth Services Organiser, three qualified and experienced Youth Workers, Karen Pressey, Aaron McDermott and Vinnie Davies, as well as volunteers we can call upon for a variety of Youth events.

Photo: Members of the New Milton Youth Services Team (L) Karen Pressey, Aaron McDermott, Emma Towler and Silma Ramsaywack 


Our youth club at New Milton Rugby Club is gradually growing in numbers again with young people and their parents feeling confident to attend. The lighter evenings and outdoor play activities have appealed to many and regular postings on the Youth Voice social media outlets have encouraged enquiries and attendance. We are also very pleased and proud to be playing an active role in the development of the Ashley Recreation Park which includes a new youth facility.


We continue with our rigorous risk assessment procedures at the club,  providing masks, wipes and hand sanitisers. The smaller groups have provided an opportunity for even more one to one support from our well qualified, experienced youth workers. Parents of the young people have on many occasions expressed their gratitude for the extra support the youth club provides.


These services extend further from the youth club. Youth Services relates to all youth activities as well as the families of the young people, in the New Milton area. We have just completed another Mindfulness Course and the introduction of a session for parents was well received. We received referrals to the course from Young Carers, New Forest Family Support Service as well as self-referrals. We are working with Arnewood school, particularly focusing on those young people aged 14 plus, who could benefit from the mindfulness tools that can help them navigate life post covid.


New Milton Youth Trust meetings have continued to take place, where we are in the process of deciding new trustees. The Play and Youth Forum is also well attended and a great source of support for various organisations who actively support young people. Each month we receive more requests for people to be allowed to attend.


We look forward to all the exciting opportunities New Milton can continue to offer the Youth of the Town.




Silma Ramsaywack

Youth Services Manager – New Milton Town Council

27 April 2021

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