Notice Regarding the Multi-use Games Area on the Recreation Ground


The Multi-use Games Area (MUGA) on the Recreation Ground is now closed for the foreseeable future for essential repairs and maintenance to take place.


Chairman of Amenities Committee, Cllr Geoff Blunden, has issued the following statement:


“As we came out of lockdown, and with the warmer weather, it has been lovely to see the town centre Recreation Ground back to normal with both young and old enjoying the open space, tennis courts, bowling greens, multi-use games area, play park and skate park. 


Therefore, it saddens me that during the past couple of weeks the area has been subjected to continuous vandalism and damage, particularly to the multi-use games area.  Unfortunately, the MUGA will now need to be closed for at least a couple of weeks for essential repairs.  It is such a shame that perhaps a couple of people, not local to the area, can spoil the enjoyment for the majority who use the Recreation Ground. 

I know the Police are taking action working with Safer New Forest Partnership, looking at CCTV footage.  The Town Council Youth Services team and Town Councillors will also be listening and talking to young people next week on the Recreation Ground.”



Further updates will be posted when the MUGA is available to use again.

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