Council Meetings

Updated 19 July 2021.


We will continue to meet in a venue other than the Town Hall for the time being.  The standing committees (Planning, Amenities and Finance & General Purposes) will continue at Incuhive, 31-33 Compton Road.


We are currently looking for a venue to accommodate the Town Council meeting on 9 August, so are not able to confirm venue as yet.    Final arrangement for this meeting will be on the Agenda which is displayed on this website by Monday 2 August.


If you are a member of the public and wish to attend any of the above, we urge you to notify in advance so that we can keep track of likely numbers attending.   Please notify us a minimum of 24 hours beforehand by emailing or calling 01425 619120.


We recommend that face coverings are worn whilst entering/moving through/leaving the building, however, this is now down to personal choice.   The sanitising station will still be available.

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