Seasons’ Greetings from The Mayor

Seasons’ Greetings from The Mayor

Seasons’ Greetings from New Milton Town Mayor

Cllr Keith Craze


As the year draws to a close, we all should think about others who are less fortunate than ourselves, whilst ensuring that this time of year is a magical time for children.


In New Milton, we have much to be grateful for – set between the Forest and the sea as we are, the multitude of agencies, associations, and support groups, all of whom work hard to the advantage of the community, whether the old or the young.


During our typical British summer, we had vocal artistes performing at the Recreation Ground. Typical as for the first performance it literally rained buckets whilst one week later, we enjoyed truly warm sunshine and heat.


Speaking to audience members during the two live concerts what struck me was the diversity of the audience, some of whom had travelled here from Bournemouth and Southampton and oh, from Greece!


Much time, work, and effort by many assist our town and what would like to be seen in the future.  We have a notable, independent traders town centre environment, shortly to be added to by the opening of two recognisable trading names, KFC and M&S. These developments will continue to raise town centre footfall and attract even more visitors to the town.


We enjoy where we live, and our on-going projects to enhance the town, its presence and reputation.


To all, enjoy the Christmas holidays, be mindful of current restrictions and do ensure your children and relatives have a wonderful time.

On behalf of my Consort, Cllr Mrs Madalaine Craze, members, and officers
of the New Milton Town Council, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.


Cllr Keith Craze

Chairman & Town Mayor

New Milton Town Council

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