Tree Works at the Naish Estate

Ballard Water Meadows

Proposals to cut down certain trees within the open space have now been approved.


The trees were professionally advised for felling during the re-assessment that took place mid-November. This will include stump grinding.


There are 10 trees for removal, mainly at the Vectis Road end. These will be marked by a large cross on the actual tree in the coming days.


The works orders have been instructed, due for completion by end of March 2022.


Our systems of inspection will remain the same following this work. These systems are three-fold:


  1. Annual cyclical inspection by professional (NFDC contract), instructing works as advised
  2. Post-storm walk-through by suitably trained staff, and
  3. Reactive service to calls made by residents, taking account of our Tree Work Policy.


There will be a tree replacement programme of 2 for 1, all native species. This will increase local biodiversity.


The plans have been sent directly to adjoining residents.   You can view them here Naish Estate Tree Works

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