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The New Milton Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, a community based group, has been meeting for around 12 months now.  The role of this group is to administer the process of producing a community-based New Milton land use development plan – what should new housing look like and where will it go?  Do we need more employment sites, public open spaces?  What about the town centre and traffic flow?  This plan will cover all of the parish including New Milton, Barton-on-sea, Ashley and Bashley.

The minutes of our meetings are available below.  We have been undertaking the preparation work for launching the Neighbourhood Plan process and engaging with the community and a big part of this has been learning about Neighbourhood Planning ourselves.

We have recently finalised a Process Diagram and more detailed Project Plan.  We have drawn up a Community Engagement and Communication Plan and the dedicated Neighbourhood Plan website is nearly ready to go.  We have liaised with New Forest District Council and New Forest National Park Authority about their District/National Park level Local Development Plans which are being reviewed.  Hampshire County Council are coming to explain to us how we can make sure New Milton parish will have enough school places and roads in the future.

Process Diagram

Project Plan

Statement of Community Engagement and Communication

At the moment we are deciding when to launch the New Milton Neighbourhood Plan in relation to NFDC’s own plans for consultation on new housing which is expected to be this summer.  When we launch the website we will go live and all the documents mentioned above will be available and we will be asking people what they want for New Milton parish.


Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Minutes

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 16.06.16

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 19.05.16

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 24.03.16

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 25.02.16

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 15.01.16

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 15.10.15

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 09.09.15

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 15.07.15

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 24.06.15

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 27.05.15

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 22.04.15

Neighbourhood Plan meeting 20.11.14




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