New Milton’s Sustainability Wins

New Milton’s Sustainability Wins

News Release

New Milton’s Greener Pledge


Being environmentally friendly in New Milton is obvious to see in the summer when the pollinator rich wildflower areas are in bloom, and evident to see in the winter when trees are being planted as part of the Town Council’s Plant a Tree Initiative.


Behind the scenes, New Milton Town Councillors and Officers are working together to fulfil the key objectives of the Council’s Environment & Sustainability Policy; to reduce its impact on the environment and become more sustainable in day-to-day operations.


In the last couple of years, our capital works programme has seen the installation of low-energy LED lighting, packaged with motion detectors, at our Ashley Sports Pavilion and Fawcetts Field Sports Facility, meaning significant energy savings, and less maintenance for the Council.  It’s Win Win! for the environment, the Council, our residents and visitors, and the many sports facility users.


The Fawcetts Field Sports facility is the flagship of this programme, showcasing these greener options including an all-electric and energy-efficient ventilation system installed in the Sports Pavilion during the summer, powered by the solar panels on the roof.


Further additions at Fawcetts Field are three 6,000 litre water harvest tanks that will be set above ground around the pavilion to collect the water run-off.  Careful management of this resource and water from the licensed borehole will ensure floral displays and wildflowers continue to bloom.


Cllr Geoff Blunden, Chairman of the Amenities Committee said, “Working towards a more sustainable future and ensuring our operations are less impactful on the environment is very important.  We are working together with members, officers, and the community, continuing to look at innovative ideas, aiming to be more environmentally aware and energy efficient”


The Council has a rolling programme of tool replacement with 85% now cordless.   As well as currently being the proud operators of one electric vehicle, looking to the future, and with the advance of technology, the Council expects to upgrade the remainder of the fleet by 2024.


The Council continues to work with New Forest District Council and Hampshire County Council to ensure that Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) are more readily available in the town.


Future plans include looking at the feasibility of a self-contained green-composting facility, and in the new year sharing information about the walking network in and around the town, encouraging more people to think about walking where possible instead of driving.


Further information from:

Graham Flexman

Town Clerk

New Milton Town Council


Tel: 01425 619120

Date: 9 December 2021


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