Brockhills Development

Brockhills Development

8/12/22 – Update to this post – The Town Council are sending representation to speak at the NFDC meeting on 14/12/22.


We had notification from NFDC yesterday that the application for Land east of Brockhills Lane (21/11179) will be decided at their Planning committee meeting on Wednesday 14 December.


To register you need to contact them directly, using link


Having_your_Say_at_planning_committee_meetings.pdf (


We are having our usual Planning Committee meeting Thursday 8 December and although the site is due to be mentioned under our Neighbourhood Plan agenda item, we have not been consulted on recent amendments therefore will not be commenting further.


It is the prerogative of New Forest District Council as Local Planning Authority, to consult with neighbours and/or local council, dependent on the extent of the revisions.





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