Introducing the Youth Services Coordinator

Introducing the Youth Services Coordinator

New Milton Town Council are pleased to announce the recent appointment of Louise Beardmore who has taken over as Youth Services Coordinator to continue to develop the services for young people in our local community.


Louise has a background in education and training, working in specialist and mainstream provisions, and more recently working to support young people in care.


Youth services provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to develop their skills, interests, and social connections.


These services can include after-school programmes, mentoring, counselling, and community events. By participating in youth services, young people can build confidence, resilience, and an increased sense of belonging.


Young people can also learn new skills, explore new interests, and develop positive relationships with peers and adults.  With youth services being especially valuable for young people who face challenges such as poverty, family conflict, or mental health issues.


With many exciting projects over the coming months and years, Louise is keen to receive input from members of the community – please feel free to complete the questionnaire.


She’d also like to encourage the community to consider supporting young people.  If you would like to get involved, then please get in touch: or telephone 07392 090124.


Further information from:

Louise Beardmore

Youth Services Coordinator

New Milton Town Council

Tel: 01425 610120

Mob: 07392 090124

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