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Ward Councillor Name Committee Membership Contact Details
Cllr Paul Moores Planning Committee

Tel: 01425 614337

Cllr Mike Scott-Johns F&GP Committee

Planning Committee

Tel: 01425 619552

Cllr Judith Baker Amenities Committee

Tel: 01425 616384

David Hawkins Cllr David Hawkins


Amenities Committee

Planning Committee

Tel: 01425 621871

Cllr Kani Trehorn Amenities Committee


David Rice-Mundy Cllr David Rice-Mundy Amenities Committee


Neil Tungate Cllr Neil Tungate F&GP Committee (Chairman)

Planning Committee


Tel: 01425 616867


Geoff Blunden Cllr Geoff Blunden Amenities Committee (Chairman)

F&GP Committee


Tel: 01425 620663

Keith Craze Cllr Keith Craze  




Tel: 01425 638074

Cllr Madalaine Craze Deputy Mayor & Vice Chairman

Amenities Committee 

Tel: 01425 638074

Cllr Bob Murrow Amenities Committee

Planning Committee
Cllr Alan O’Sullivan Amenities Committee

F&GP Committee

Tel: 01425 620964

Cllr John Adams F&GP Committee
Cllr Steve Clarke Planning Committee (Chairman)

F&GP Committee


Tel: 01425 629992

Steve Davies Cllr Steve Davies F&GP Committee

Tel: 07702 218796


Cllr Wyn Davies F&GP Committee

Planning Committee

Tel: 01425 616384

Cllr Alvin Reid

Town Mayor & Chairman of the Council

F&GP Committee

Planning Committee


07414 896006

Valya Schooling Cllr Mrs Valya Schooling Amenities Committee

Tel: 01425 623388

Members’ Interests

Monthly allowance and declared interests

Councillors at New Milton Town Council receive a monthly allowance of £92.83 per month in relation to their duties.

The documents below indicate interests that members have made note of at their time of entering office.

Cllr J H Adams

Cllr J M Baker

Cllr G Blunden

Cllr S Clarke

Cllr K Craze

Cllr M Craze

Cllr S Davies

Cllr W B Davies

Cllr D Hawkins

Cllr P M Moores

Cllr R Murrow

Cllr A O’Sullivan

Cllr R Reid

Cllr D Rice – Mundy

Cllr B M Scott-Johns

Cllr V Schooling

Cllr K M Trehorn

Cllr D Tungate

Code of Conduct

Councillors are required to follow this Code. 

Members of New Milton Town Council must abide by the following Code of Conduct. Whenever you are acting in your capacity as a Councillor:

    • You must not use, or try to use, your position improperly to obtain an advantage or disadvantage for yourself or any other person or body.
    • You must not use your Council’s resources improperly for political purposes or any other purposes forbidden by your Council.
    • You must not do anything that compromises, or is likely to compromise, the impartiality of those who work for the Council.
    • You must not bully anyone.
      (Bullying is offensive, intimidating, malicious, insulting or humiliating behaviour that is directed at someone over whom you have some actual or potential influence).
    • You must not intimidate, or try to intimidate, anyone who has complained about you or who may be involved with a complaint about you.
    • You must not disclose information that you know, or ought to know, is confidential, without authority or a legitimate reason.
    • You must not prevent, or try to prevent, anyone from obtaining information to which they are entitled by law.
  • You must not do anything that may cause your Council to breach any of the Equality laws that prohibit discrimination on grounds such as age, sex, race, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or pregnancy.
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