New Milton & District Twinning Association

New Milton & District Twinning Association

The towns of New Milton and Canteleu, a suburb of Rouen in Normandy, have a twinning arrangement between their respective communities.


The two dormitory towns are twinned by virtue of the fact they are both the same distance from a ferry port (Le Havre for Canteleu, and Portsmouth for New Milton), and both have nearby, adjoining forests.


The Twinning Charter was formally signed on 20 January 2001.   Its objectives are:


• To establish and maintain reciprocal links of friendship.


• To encourage and develop mutual understanding and respect between the inhabitants of New Milton and Canteleu.


• To promote exchanges between young people, adults, clubs, associations, groups, and all categories of people in New Milton and Canteleu.


• By this Charter, the towns of New Milton and Canteleu commit themselves to a solid and binding friendship between their peoples.


Prior to the signing of the Charter, The New Milton and District Twinning Association was formed in the spring of 1991 and a link was made with Canteleu at that time, a town of approximately 20,000 inhabitants.


The “Twinners” enjoy coffee mornings and pastries together, partake in an informal French circle for conversation, and share a varied social events calendar arranged throughout the year. They also arrange group visits to France and continue to maintain friendships and regular contact with the French “Twinners”.


The Twinning Association have also formed a friendship link with Buchholz in der Nordheide, a German town in Lower Saxony near Hamburg, which has been twinned with Canteleu for more than 30 years. Canteleu is also twinned with Wolow, Poland & Kongoussi, Burkina Faso.


The Association look forward to welcoming new members.


For more information please contact the Chairman, Sue Caswell on 01202 483981.

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